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It can be overwhelming when you arrive in a new city to decide what to do with the time you have available. Sometimes you have a lot of time and not much you want to see and other times you have so much that is interesting but not enough time! Berlin is definitely a city where there are way too many options, regardless of how much time you have.

For the social media savvy amongst you, we are here to help. We have spent countless hours finely curating our social media pages to help you to find the information you need and discover the best Berlin experiences, whatever your budget might be. New to social media? We can help there too. Here’s a brief guide for you to help navigate your way and discover Berlin with us online to make the most of your holiday in Berlin!


If you are not one of the 1.4 billion monthly users of Facebook then a brief explanation is needed. Facebook is an online social networking website where you can follow the activities of your friends and other things you are interested in.You can share information about your life and your activities and see what other people share as well. You can also keep updated with news, photos, and videos on the things you are interested in. For example if you like The Rolling Stones you can keep up to date on their concerts, tours, albums and any exhibitions of interest about them. If you want to keep track of a family member who is travelling overseas, you can see their news and updates as well. You have a ‘Timeline’ on Facebook that displays all of your activity but you also have a ‘News Feed’ which is made up of the information Facebook thinks you are most interested in based on the pages you like and the things you have interacted with in the past on Facebook (liked, shared with others etc).

For those of you who are coming to or already in Berlin, there are lots of great Facebook pages to give you information and inspiration about the city. We love Slow Travel Berlin and iHeartBerlin for their quirky and off the tourist track news as well as great photos! But of course your best choice is our very own Berlin Apartment Facebook Page. We follow lots of great Facebook pages from the Berlin Philharmonic to the Eisbären ice hockey team, the Museumsportal to Hauptbahnhof train station and we regularly browse the results to share the stuff we think is most interesting to you. It’s easy to sign up and once you do you should Follow Us immediately!

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Twitter is also a social networking platform but has a bit more of a business focus and for the uninitiated it can seem strange. You create an account, then write or share short messages called tweets with the people who follow you. Messages must be under 140 characters, and some include photos and videos as well. Many also include this symbol # and a word which is called a hashtag. This groups your tweet into all the other tweets with the same hashtag. For example #worldcup or #SyriaCrisis or #StarWars. We love the #Berlin hashtag as it curates all the conversations people are having about Berlin and makes it easy for you to find stuff too!

If one of your followers likes your tweet and ‘retweets’ it to their followers, then more people see the message and hopefully also start to follow you. This is how twitter users build their network online. Like Facebook, you can choose what you see in your ‘Twitter Feed’ and keep up to date on the topics most interesting to you. It’s great for live updates on things such as results (elections, awards, sporting matches etc), events and global news due to the ‘Trending’ feature. This shows what the top 10 or more topics everyone is talking about on Twitter at that time and these topics come from the hashtags people have used in their tweets. Confused? Well the first step is signing up then you can play around with it a bit and see how it works. It’s not for everybody but, like our Facebook Page, Berlin Apartment is also on Twitter and we tweet updates on things to see and do in Berlin. So if there’s a great sunset out there and you’re in bed scrolling twitter, chances are we’ll tell you about it and you can get outside to enjoy the real thing!

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If you have a pin board at home or a scrapbook full of things to remember ‘for later’ then Pinterest is for you. A Pinterest account allows you to scroll through thousands and thousands of images that have come from all over the internet, and save or ‘Pin’ the ones you’re interested in – hence the name. Much like tearing an article out of a magazine and sticking it onto a pin board on your wall. Of course because it’s electronic its much more dynamic and usually the image you pin is part of an article with a lot of useful (or sometimes totally useless) information. On the Berlin Apartment Pinterest page, you can find boards displaying all of our blog articles, boards about Berlin’s food, attractions, architecture and more. Berlin is a pretty cheap city to visit but travel still costs money so we recommend our board ‘Berlin On a Budget‘. It has lots of lists of free and budget things to do and eat and see.

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There are loads of other social media platforms too but we just use these three for now. If social media is familiar to you then you will recognise the buttons at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to share this post on your preferred social media platform. We also have Like buttons on most of the pages of our website which will take you directly to the Berlin Apartment Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. Happy Liking, Tweeting and Pinning everyone!