Our Local Neighborhood

Alexanderplatz S Bahn Image © Natale Esposito

Location is everything when visiting a city and sometimes discovering your local neighborhood can be much more interesting and – with the summer crowds about to descend on Berlin – a lot less stressful! Berlin Apartment in Barnimstrasse is situated right near the border of a few suburbs so puts many of Berlin’s most interesting … Continue Reading »

Berlin’s Plattenbau Apartments

Karl Marx Allee plattenbau. Image © Wikimedia

The construction of plattenbauten (platte – plate, Bauten – buildings) began in the 1960’s and arose out of necessity as the city’s housing crisis deepened. Actually plattenbauten were constructed in many cities in Europe during this time. Mass destruction after the second world war, was followed by a large population increase as refugee numbers increased. … Continue Reading »